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Our teams are happy to share our 2018 donation report with our customers. While we are striving to do more every year, Empty Now Foundation is gradually expanding its influence in African and Syria


Empty Now Foundation

Thanks for your donation. We help Africa & the disabled children in 3rd World thru our Foundation. For inquiries regarding, call or email us. We may or may not contact you individually via any form of media regarding yearly report. Our apologies if you’re not updated after your Giving, but your warm heart has lightened the heart of someone in dismay.


 Recycling Council Chief Speaks after 2018 General conference 

Thanks to our sponsors’ support, our speakers’ expertise, and our delegates from across the continent, RCBC's 2018 annual conference proved to be another rousing success. My extended thanks to participants who filled out our post-conference survey - RCBCworks hard to improve every year's conference experience, and your feedback enables that process. I'm happy to share some of our findings.

A big reason people attended our conference was for the networking. There were at least five ancillary meetings in conjunction with RCBC 2018 this year, and while we saw many familiar faces in Whistler this year, there were many newcomers as well. Forty percent of respondents attended for the first time. As for the venue and location, the majority chose Whistler as the preferred location going forward, with the Lower Mainland clinching second spot. Therefore, we will be returning to the Whistler Westin Resort and Spa next year, from May 29-31.
What stood out for many was this year’s content on reuse. As one delegate put it, "I really like the reuse and repair topics. It was exciting to see the real projects." Others noted they’d like to see creative reuse ideas and innovations such as maker space and hackathons. From the public sector, several wanted to explore how reuse and repair can be more applicable to local government.
Interest was also expressed in learning from agents of change. That included changing the way people thought about purchasing so they are empowered to make smarter decisions on purchasing more durable goods, or those designed for servicing and repair. One respondent boiled down ideal content as information on progress from different jurisdictions, reuse business models, and other creative solutions to significant waste issues.
That request dovetailed nicely into extended producer responsibility (EPR), where interest included improvement of current programs and the initiation of potential products for the next group of regulated stewardship products and materials, such as furniture, mattresses, flooring, construction and demolition waste, and the overdressed elephant in the room – textiles. Also mentioned was extending Schedule 5 to the ICI sector - that might be a whole conference in itself.

Providing programming that is relevant to all corners of the province will be an interesting challenge. With your help, we know we can achieve that balance. So please continue to provide us with your feedback so we can develop content that helps solve your issues. You can still access the survey HERE or contact me directly at

Brock MacDonald
Chief Executive Officer
Recycling Council of British Columbia

 Bottle return report (2014 by BC Environment): total success 

2014 Return Rates

Total Return Rate: 83.9%
Aluminum: 90.4%
Glass: 92.1%
PET: 74.9%
Other Plastic: 74.9%
Bi-Metal: 66%
Gable/Tetra Pak: 56.7%


 Wish you a Happy Summer 2018 !

With nice weather that is "#1 in the world, it now starts. Hope you enjoy the sun, drive safe on the road. Don’t forget to drink plenty of water. In this summer, we really enjoy working outdoor too. This is our summer! 

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