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Happy Canada Day'
We celebrate Canada's 150th birthday. 

Territory rep 

Worker? Not anymore. But you are the manager and the owner of the territory assigned. 

17 year-old empty bottle pickup company, with customer range from north Vancouver to Abbotsford, is looking for a sector/territory manager. 

opening (2) part time (initially 2-3 d/week - full time in 1-2 years)

mission (pickup, sorting, customer satisfaction, etc)

Will be provided cargo van and all other equipments 

payment ($15/hour + incentive)

requirements: DL, bottle depot experience is an asset)

Please send resume

Will contact the selected individual only


Yes, sometimes it happens. Life is not easy. In real business world, however, all the obstacles are nothing but a vitamin that stimulates toward better solution. 

One of our van has stopped in the middle of work. We lost time, money and our day. Feeling of getting ripped off overwhelmed. But the machine like this vehicle will be fixed and customer service resumes shortly. 


 Thank you for THIS THANKS LETTER :-)


 Find us on Google map. 

Does you mobile phone help you a lot , even to find a way? Try to type "empty now" on google map, and there it will suggest our company, where we are and how to come to our locale. Make sure to get your route ready before you start driving. We or Google do not take responsibility for any accident occurred while you drive :-).

Address: Address: 435 North Rd, Coquitlam, BC V3K 3V9

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