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Yes, sometimes it happens. Life is not easy. In real business world, however, all the obstacles are nothing but a vitamin that stimulates toward better solution. 

One of our van has stopped in the middle of work. We lost time, money and our day. Feeling of getting ripped off overwhelmed. But the machine like this vehicle will be fixed and customer service resumes shortly. 


 Thank you for THIS THANKS LETTER :-)





The best way for you to enjoy 100% money back is to return the empties yourselves, But, regarding the very hot busy-nesses you might facing, it's not that easy task. So we are here for you. Just allow us to share a little bit of profit which compensate our labor & gas. 

We will give you back the relevant percentage of the deposit. Rate is important, but continuing service with customer satisfaction is more important, and that's what we are mainly for. 

Some may be misled by the claim of full deposit return. But beware of this since with full deposit, the service provider would get almost nothing after labor, time  and gas. This, We are afraid, could lead wrong counting or misleading the customers to make the best of their profit. We are different. Accuracy is what you can see clearly by the  report we will provide in the middle or at the time of payment. 

None other condition affects the rate, except you need to keep everything in the designated bins. And we will come and pickup those at the regular or per-call basis. 


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