We grow with our customers !

New customers are our asset, for sure, but we grow when our customers grow. They grows in sales, revenue, hiredemployees numbers, beer-sales, liquor-sales, etc, every year. Even we notice that they even grow in expansion of branches, so we grow more at the same time. 

Dear business owners or managers,  

Are you looking for empty bottle recycling contractor who are reliable, credible and sensitive at your requirements? 

We are here to help you. 

The best way to get the best return of deposit is to bring them to the Depot near you. We really recommend this to everyone. But nowadays we are busier than before. For business owners, busy-ness is so critical that they feel negative not only on sparing time themselves but on hiring employee just for empties. Nevertheless bottles/empties/deposits are stillimportant. 

Most our customers are busy. 50% of those we are still serving since our service start 15 year ago. They hired us as the best one among hundred of solutions. They are gentle and nice, respect other business partner like us with mutual trust. 

Our customers 

  • Restaurants  
  • Pubs   
  • Liquor stores
  • Hotels 
  • Schools  
  • Companies  
  • Army/police units and facilities  
  • Multi-family condos
  • Home pickup also available for several years' collection of empties

Multi-family stratas

Council or property managers, 

Have you thought about placing one more different kind recycling bins at your sites? This not only will stimulate the importance of recycling to the residents, but will generate extra income to the strata.  

  • We will provide recycling bins
  • We will empty the bins weekly
  • We will clean the site after work done
  • We will closely communicate with your staffs (concierge, site manager, cleaner, etc)

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